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Lexie Drew was created in 2019 by a ‘mummy daughter trio’ who were on the lookout for practical yet stylish bibs for the newest arrival into their family… Lexie..  


As a serial drooler, Lexie always needed to have her bib on, but this bib would always cover up whatever she was wearing underneath, however beautiful. 


not only could we not find attractive bibs for Lexie, we also couldn’t find bibs that were sufficiently absorbent, meaning that we had to change Lexie frequently.


So with our trio’s background in fashion, we decided that if we couldn’t find what we were looking for, then we would make it instead! And Lexie Drew was born...

All of Lexie Drew’s bibs are made in the UK with love and are lined with organic bamboo towelling, which not only makes them extra soft but also means they keep your little one dry for longer. 

We hope that you and your baby take pleasure from Lexie Drew’s products as much as we have enjoyed creating them for you.

Andy, Antonia, Katerina x 

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